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Degrees & Diplomas

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Enjoy a well-rounded global education at SIM, with more than 80 academic programmes for you to choose from and an array of learning experiences beyond the classroom. UAT Test Demo 14 Oct 2022 11.34am


Welcome to SIM Global Education

SIM GE offers more than 80 academic programmes, from diploma and graduate diploma programmes to bachelor's and master's degree programmes with reputable universities from Australia, Europe, UK, and the United States. 

The SIM Advantage

Develop your global edge and enhance your employability with our extensive range of full-time and part-time academic programmes, diverse learner and faculty population, vibrant student life, and innovative learning infrastructure and technology. 

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Enjoy an extensive range of programmes

We offer over 80 full-time and part-time academic programmes through more than 10 partner universities at master’s, bachelor’s, graduate diploma, and diploma levels.

Experience a vibrant student life

With more than 70 student clubs to choose from, pursue your extra-curricular interests in arts, culture, and sports to develop skills in communication and leadership.

Immerse in a blend of cultures

Dive into cultural diversity with our vibrant student population and international faculty – the perfect platform for cultural exchange and knowledge sharing.

Study with peace of mind

We provide support to all students, from financial assistance schemes to counselling services and structured processes for grievance resolution.

Tap into our innovative learning infrastructure

Our student-centric campuses are outfitted with the latest in technology, high-speed wireless Internet, and modern learning spaces to enhance your learning experience.

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A Closer Look at SIM

Explore our campuses and the abundant opportunities you will have to pursue your passions, aspirations, and curiosities. 

Virtual Campus

Visit us from wherever you are in the world.