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SIM Global Education
Diploma in Management Studies icon-open-link-black

This programme offers broad-based training in crucial management skills and knowledge, including operations management, law, communications, and economics.

University of London
International Foundation Programme icon-open-link-black

This pre-university course prepares you for degree studies in social science and business. Graduates may progress to all SIM-UOL BSc programmes.

University of London
Certificate of Higher Education in Social Sciences icon-open-link-black

This programme is a stand-alone qualification. It provides a potential entry route to undergraduate study with academic direction from LSE.

University of London
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Economics and Finance icon-open-link-black

Learn to apply analytical and quantitative techniques to a range of economic and financial issues, including contemporary policy problems.

University at Buffalo
Bachelor of Arts (International Trade and Sociology) icon-open-link-black

Learn about globalization and trade operating in the world today, and work for the social good with your knowledge and skill sets

La Trobe University
Double Major New programme
Bachelor of Business (Event Management) (Top-up) icon-open-link-black

This programme focuses on applying theory and practical skill for effective event management, and develops sustainability knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.

University of Birmingham
Master of Business Administration icon-open-link-black

Widen your perspectives on global business and management to accelerate your career progression or create potential for change.

SIM Global Education
Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management (E-Learning) icon-open-link-black

100% online.
Equip you with skills to manage people, their behaviour to sustain organizational cultures while implementing HR strategies, communicating methods.

SIM Global Education
Diploma in International Business icon-open-link-black

Grasp the principles of business in the global context through this programme. You will also study specialised subjects like global supply chain management.

* Exclude application fees, preparatory or bridging course fees, and other fees. Refer to the Fees and Financial aid section in individual programme pages for details. 

# GST is not applicable for international students for these programmes. Refer to the individual programme pages for details. 

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