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Our Solutions

SIM specialises in creating bespoke capability building solutions and innovative learning experience to help organisations achieve strategic business goals.

Our approach to capability building – D.A.S.H.+ Framework

Our holistic approach to talent development and organisational learning, based on the D.A.S.H.+ framework, focuses on accelerating your capability building for complex problem solving and agility.  The D.A.S.H.+ Framework addresses 5 critical domains: Design Thinking, Agile, Systems Thinking, Human Capital and Leadership. 

Our Solutions


Customised Organisation Capability Solutions

We enable your capability building at scale through our end-to-end bespoke solutions for enterprises, from consultation, curriculum design, infrastructure to technology solutions.  

Our services include: 

  • Profile to performance learning journeys 
  • Organisation innovation and agility 
  • Core practice level development 
  • Corporate Academy and technology as a service 


Leadership Development Solutions

In the new world of work, we focus on developing leaders who are resilient and adept at managing complexities. We empower your leaders through developing structured progression roadmaps and differentiated core competency building.  
Our services include:  

  • Career milestone schools 
  • Master-apprenticeship and TTT 
  • Systems thinking programmes 


Bespoke Talent Solutions

Working with our network of industry and academic partners, we can support your niche talent need and talent acquisition programme through:  

  • Work-ready entry level graduate education programme 
  • Onboarding/foundation training programme 
  • Career pathway education for post-secondary (polytechnic) employees programme 
  • Customer success training programme 

Let us empower your team to take on new challenges

Tell us your organisation’s learning needs and we will work with you to develop customised solutions.

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