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Enterprise Solutions

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Partner with SIM on your capability building journey and transform your workforce for the New World of Work.


Welcome to SIM Enterprise Solutions

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Developing Work-ready Talent at Scale

We help organisations curate and deliver Work Integrated Learning, which offers career pathways for polytechnic graduates.

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Welcome to SIM Enterprise Solutions

Here at SIM, we have the tools and expertise in building human capabilities through integrated learning for enhanced employability.

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Trusted by leading organisations across the public and private sector, we have extensive experience creating tailored learning and leadership development solutions.


Future Skills Focused

We help you build a future-ready workforce through customised skills-based curriculum.

Industry Insights Driven

We work with a consortia of highly respected industry leaders in crafting and delivering the programmes, constantly refreshed to align with the evolving business landscape.


Integrated Learning Approach

Taking an Integrated Learning approach, we help organisations holistically address their talent needs along the three dimensions of industry functional and digital skills, horizontal cognitive agility skills and capabilities for managing complexity.

Our Clients and Partners

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An End-to-End Solution

From skills gap analysis, learner profiling, curriculum design to programme delivery, we have a dedicated team who will work with you every step of the way to achieve your specific business objectives.

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Facilitating Systems Leadership Conversations

At SIM Centre for Systems Leadership (CSL), we help your organisation develop systems leaders – individuals who can catalyse, influence and drive systemic change by mobilising diverse stakeholders to achieve business success.

Bringing Your Corporate Academy Vision to Life

We provide integrated capability building programme for enterprises through our Corporate Academy solution, which covers consultation, curriculum design, infrastructure and technology platforms.

Supporting National Upskilling Initiatives

We support national initiatives by providing upskilling and new skilling programme at scale. The programmes we offer include SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP), Enterprise Leadership for Transformation (ELT), HP Queen Bee.

Let us empower your team to take on new challenges

Tell us your organisation’s learning needs and we will work with you to develop customised learning solutions.

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