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Professional Development

For Professionals

Develop in-demand skills with 80+ courses in areas like managerial skills, design thinking, service leadership, critical thinking, communications, and agile.


Welcome to SIM Professional Development

SIM is committed to helping working professionals and executives level up for the future of work with curated learning journeys no matter what stage of their career the learner may be in.


Accelerate your career and business with over 80 executive and business programmes and services from Singapore's leading professional learning and transformation partner for enterprises and professionals.

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Develop Your Career

Level up for the future of work with curated learning journeys. We have a wide range of online and in-campus programmes to cater to the needs of different learners.

Optimise Your Talent

With over 50 years of training experience, we design and deliver leadership and transformational programmes to build core competencies for employees.

Achieve Your Career Aspirations

The SIM Learner Advisory & Career Centre (LA&CC) aims to empower learners to achieve their career goals by working synergistically within the SIM's learning eco-system.

Experience International Learning

Learn about the latest trends in thought leadership and management from top management thinkers, industry experts, and curated overseas programmes.

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Our Clients & Partners

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Our Campuses

Explore the SIM grounds from the comfort of your home through these virtual tours.

SIM Management House

Set in the tranquil residential estate of Namly Avenue, SIM Management House campus has ample facilities that serve as a learning and networking hub for SIM members and working executives.

SIM Headquarters

SIM HQ along Clementi Road is our main campus, housing a comprehensive array of facilities and amenities that students can enjoy.


Customised Solutions for Corporates

SIM Academy leverages knowledge and skills across industries and sectors to deliver customised programmes that create the performance shifts you need. Whether it’s transforming organisations or empowering individuals, SIM is committed to delivering results — reskilling and upskilling our workforce for the future of work.

Learn about SIM’s Enterprise learning solutions