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Why SIM for Professional Development

Invest in your future with SIM. We offer over 80 courses based on our D.A.S.H.+ framework to help you develop critical skills and achieve your professional goals.

Our Clients & Partners

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Why Learn at SIM?


In-demand skills for the new world of work

SIM’s courses are designed and curated in partnership with our wide network of industry partners. You will walk away with new skills reflecting the latest employer needs, with insights into the latest industry trends.

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Learn from real-world use cases

Our courses are designed to help you gain actionable insights and practical knowledge that you can apply in your job from day one.

Filled with real-world case studies and delivered by seasoned industry experts, the courses will help you build an arsenal of skills to tackle your most pressing challenges at work.


A flexible way to learn

Too busy? SIM courses are conducted in a variety of formats, including online self-paced, in-person and blended learning. You can now choose what works best for you based on your preference and work commitments.

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A personalised learning journey

We recognise that there is no one-size-fits–all solutions. See a programme you like for your organisation? Contact us for a programme customised for your business needs.

In addition, we go one step further with our SIM Learner Advisory & Career Centre (LA&CC) , making mass customisation possible with services such as profiling, skills assessment, career counselling & coaching, career mentoring, job market analysis/ intelligence and executive talent development.

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